2014-15 CT Waterfowl Regulations

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See attached 2014-15 CT Waterfowl Regulations

2014-2015 Regulations

Waterfowl Mentoring Program

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Waterfowl hunting is a tremendously rewarding sport, steeped in tradition. However, many sportsmen have not witnessed the thrill of ducks streaking over decoys or the excitement of geese hovering over the blind with wings locked!

Why not? Well, waterfowling can be more difficult than other types of hunting because of the substantial amount of equipment and specialized skills that are often needed. Studies have shown that waterfowl hunting takes a great deal of mentoring. An overwhelming 91% of hunters indicated that they were mentored in becoming a waterfowl hunter by a parent, relative or close friend.

But what if you do not have a parent, relative or close friend that hunts waterfowl?

The Connecticut Waterfowl Association created this program to help out hunters who have no one to mentor them. This Program will pair up experienced volunteer mentors with youths and even adult novice hunters.  Hopefully, this will encourage new participants in this great sport who will come to appreciate and help conserve our waterfowl resources! And for the mentors, it provides an opportunity to give back to the resource they cherish!

Applicants can print the appropriate forms, fill them out and mail them to CWA, PO Box 74 , Bozrah , CT 06334-0074 . Alternatively, the forms can be filled out, scanned and emailed to

Mentor program application info 2.16 (1)

Mentor application 9.14

Mentee or Adult Novice APPLICATION 9.14 doc

Mentor or adult novice release form 2.18

Mentee Parental permissionand indemnification 11.10





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See newsletter

Feb 2015

2015 Annual Spring Dinner

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April 12, 2015 at Aqua Turf, starting at 1 pm

Dinner 2015 Form


Wood Duck Box Building Day March 14

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CWA Wood Duck Box Building Day 2015

WDB E Windsor-20150314 1March 14 10 am to 3 pm at Deerborn Barn, East Windsor

CWA WDB 2015